Motorcycle Gloves Buying Guide – Choose the Best Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves come in all kinds of different materials and with lots of different features. Many avid riders are as picky about their gloves and other gear as they are about the bike they ride. Not only are gloves a fashion statement, but they can serve a variety of purposes as well. In this Motorcycle Gloves Buying guide article, we will look at the importance of choosing the right gloves and what you should be looking for when making the purchase.

Are Motorcycle Gloves Important?

When you are driving a car, you are surrounded by a metal cage. In the event of an accident, there is a certain level of protection offered to you by the vehicle. In the case of a motorcycle, you have no such protection. That is why the gear worn by the motorcyclist is so important. Motorcycle Gloves provide the rider with comfort, protection from the elements, (Think beetle hitting your knuckles at 60 miles per hour!), and protection from injury in the event of a crash or laying the motorcycle down.

There is a lot of focus on Motorcycle helmets, but the choice of whether or not to wear motorcycle gloves is just as important. Don’t overlook this simple piece of your riding outfit.

Motorcycle Gloves Buying Guide

Actually, there may not be just one right pair of gloves. If you live and ride in an area that sees large changes in the weather throughout the seasons, then you may find that you need more than one pair for the different weather conditions you may experience. Here are some things to consider and look for when making your purchase:

  • Size and Comfort – You want to make sure that you find a pair of gloves that fits the size of your hand and is comfortable to wear. The size is important because you don’t want to feel clumsy while operating your bike, and if the gloves are not comfortable you will be less likely to wear them.
  • Stitching – Avoid gloves that have uncomfortable stitching on the inside of the glove or across the palm. On long rides that stitching can cause irritation and become a distraction.
  • Material and Thickness. Gloves can be made of leather or other fabric. Make sure to choose a material you like, and the thickness to provide an adequate level of protection.
  • Glove Length – You may not have thought about length, but many riding gloves have extra length to cover the cuff of your sleeve to stop the wind from blowing up your sleeve while riding. Pick a glove with the length that works best for you.
  • Weather Features – If you ride in the rain, or snow, or heat, or cold, then the type of glove you buy should reflect your riding environment. In extremely cold climates, you can even purchase gloves that plug into your bike’s electrical system and heat your hands while riding.
  • Wrist Wraps – This keeps the glove in place while riding and adds to the comfort and utility of the glove.

Hopefully you can see that there is more to choosing the right glove than simply walking in to the store and purchasing a pair off the shelf. Your gloves are an important part of your riding attire, and should be chosen carefully and intentionally. The proper gloves will definitely add to the joy you receive from riding your bike on that open road.

Choose the Best Motorcycle Gloves and enjoy the ride!!!

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